A family bonding game

FamiLami —
play with chores

Transform your routine into an exciting game for your loved ones. Develop planning and self-organization skills. Encourage work and care.

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  • Development healthy habits in children

    Turn gadgets into a useful tool

    • Take part in a game that will positively change the attitude to daily chores
    • Let gadgets become a source of motivating tasks
    • Manage your chores with the help of convenient errand cards
    • You will easily acquire valuable habits in this exciting adventure
  • Encouraging kids with gifts

    Communicate and give gifts

    • Motivate your children and loved ones to new achievements
    • Get together and come up with prizes for each other
    • Get treasures for completing tasks and exchange them for gifts
    • May your efforts be rewarded
  • Uniting the family into one team

    Create your family team

    • Install the app and invite your household to the game
    • Select current tasks from the extensive to-do library
    • Make friends with a virtual pet and enlist its help
    • Embark on a journey along the paths of the fairy-tale world
  • Development of self-organization in children

    Strengthen organizational skills

  • Children help with cleaning

    The children themselves will want to help you around the house

  • Mental health of children

    Handle chores without getting upset

  • Time with family

    Pay more attention to your loved ones

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